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Friday, April 10, 2009

IQ robot sold

the ten setting as showed in last pictures

IQ builders
this interactive robot has 10 settings...

1.robot tutor- teaching the alphabet and numbers
2.match it-match the shape
3.maths mate-plus minus the number
4.count it-counting the balls showed on the screen
5.spell quest-spell the word given and the robot will spell it along with u
6.fill the gap - complete the sequence eg alphabet, number
7.loser quest- press the number/alphabet quickly before it dissapear from screen
8.juke box- it will play a lot of music for u and u can see him dancing on the screen, and he will shout i love music!!
9.sound match-it will give example of sounds, and u have to match it with picture given on the screen
10.find it-find item missing
only battery cover missing, functioning very well
sold 27709

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