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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tommee Tippee Freedom Breast Pump

r freedom™ breast pump is designed to be easy to use, effective and comfortable. Because it only has 3 parts, it’s as quick and easy to put together and clean as it is to use. The flexible, rippled cup moulds to the shape of your breast for added comfort and helps to encourage fast, comfortable milk expression.

It is recommended that you sterilise all of your breast feeding equipment before first use and after each use. The freedom™ breast pump comes complete with its very own Steri box which allows you to microwave steam sterilise and store all of your breast feeding equipment in one compact box.

Superior performance with comfort.
Quick and easy.
Only 3 parts.
Flexible cup to fit your breast.
Soft massage area stimulates milk flow.
Complete with unique steri-storage box.


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