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Monday, November 8, 2010

ameda lactaline dual electric breast pump

preloved but in great condition
bottles and teats are new, as previous owner has a lot of ameda bottles
complete with manual and box
BPA Free parts!
The world's smallest electric interval double breast pump for ultimate mobility. Easy to handle, small, quiet and efficient - the favorite breast pump for private use.

Features and Benefits

* The vacuum and cycle can be adjusted separately and continuously to meet the specific needs and requirements of the mother
* The baby's natural sucking rhythm can thus be imitated perfectly
* Diaphragm-Technology
* The hygiene double pump kit included in the package reduces pumping time by 50 %
* Compatible with any Ameda pump set
* User-friendly accessories
* Easy to use, low-maintenance and low-noise
* Recommended by midwives, breastfeeding consultants and mothers

What's Included:

* Lactaline personal breastpump
* Dual HygieniKit milk collection system
* 2pcs 4oz bottles
* AC power adapter for local use
* Instructions

Technical Information:

* Cycle range: 30-60 cycles/minute, adjustable
* Vacuum range (suction capacity): 0-330mbar, adjustable
* Meets highest hygiene standards
* Can also be battery operated - 6AA Alkaline Batteries (Batteries are not included)
* Milk collection system with integrated and patented silicone diaphragm that creates a barrier protecting pump and breast milk from potential viruses and bacteria (FDA approved)