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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tiny loves fruity pals andy apple


One of a series of 3 fun developmental toys designed as primary fruit: orange, apple, and banana.

Toys open up simulating real fruit (peeling, separating) to reveal more hidden surprises and activities for developing those sensory and motor skills.

Fruity Pals offer a multi-sensory play experience. Bold colors and adorable faces offer attractive visual stimulation
The variety of sounds offers auditory stimulation/
The mixture of fabrics, materials and textures stimulate the sense of touch.

The wide range of activities each of the toys offers gives baby many opportunities to learn and practice different ways of grasping, perfecting hand-eye coordination and the ability to coordinate both hands.

Object Permanence
Between the ages of five and 18 months, baby is captivated by games and activities involving object permanence.
Fruity Pals offer many ways to play peek-a-boo-type games – such as opening the apple, hiding the face, etc.
Cognitive Skills
Fruity Pals open a plethora of play possibilities, limited only by your toddler’s imagination, which she starts to use in play at about 18 months.
The adorable fruit-like figures, with human characteristics (mouth, feet and hands) encourage creative, imaginative play opportunities.
The smiling, lovable human-like features (such as the head, arms and legs) invite baby’s affection in the form of hugs and conversation, and later, offer an excellent opportunity to learn about body-image.
u can put it anywhere,window, baby cot, stroller..anywhere!!

price includes postage


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