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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vtech Voyager Adventure Station (Ages 4-7)

  • Portable learning platform where colourful, interactive adventures come to life
  • Completely touch sensitive screen for full interaction with the high quality, glossy scrolling screen
  • 16 individual fully interactive scrolling screens on Adventure Pack, each scene linking into the next giving continuous imagery
  • On board SMART memory tracks child’s progress, provides guidance on a variety of learning journeys, remembers child’s name and offers appropriate help and advice along the way
  • Requires 4 x C batteries or VTech 9Vadaptor (not included)
The Voyager Adventure System from Vtech is an interactive learning system designed to empower children while they learn, as well as igniting their curiosity as they embark on a series of exciting adventures. It includes a QWERTY keyboard with additional special functional buttons to help your little adventurer explore each activity. Left and right scroll buttons allow children to move backwards or forwards within the activities. Also attached to the base unit is a Vtouch stylus pen, which can be used to interact with the screen and keyboard.

The Voyager Adventure System is expandable with new stories and educational activities that can be bought separately. This initial Voyager Adventure System arrives complete with the "Photo Adventure" Starter Pack. Simply clip the pack onto the top of the base station and let the adventure begin. The adventures themselves appear on a full colour glossy scrolling screen, itself probably the most appealing feature to children. The screen is touch sensitive when used with the stylus pen. At the top of each screen are additional icons that allow your young Livingstone to play one of 20 games as they progress through their adventure. Vtech has designed these games to encourage reading, basic maths skills and problem solving. The Voyager System has a built-in memory to track your child's progress and so it can adapt each new adventure to their last.

The Photo Adventure Pack included with this base unit takes children on a journey through Africa, Australia and Asia. As they search the exotic animal kingdom, children can play one of the many educational games designed to develop their vocabulary, story comprehension, logic, geography and animal facts. On the way, children can earn themselves photos if they answer questions correctly. By pressing on the photo album icon they will be whizzed to the album at the end of the adventure to view all their photos collected.

The Voyager Adventure System can be powered by either x 4 C batteries (not supplied) or by a 9V power adaptor (sold separately). The battery link up can at times be a little temperamental but Vtech do supply a helpful troubleshoot section in the instructions manual. After several minutes of idle time the unit will close down to preserve power. Usefully for parents there is a volume dial on the side of the unit. If your child has full access to their own or the family PC, they may lose interest in the Voyager System after a few weeks. If not, however, this is a good introduction to the wider world of personal computers. All in all, the Voyager Adventure System is a good way to bring bright, visual adventures into your child's life, whilst at the same time introducing core development skills. Suitable for children aged 4 to 7 years old

perfect condition
complete with box and manual
price includes postage rm250

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